Frugal Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest eating days of the year. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the biggest amount on this meal. There are so many great ways to save money. Whether you get your turkey for free or compare prices, you can’t afford to skip these frugal tips for Thanksgiving. Here are excellent ways to save money over the holidays this Thanksgiving.

Frugal Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving

Get Your Turkey Free

Many grocery stores offer free turkeys during Thanksgiving. Each store has a different promo going on. It might be spend so much on five shopping trips and get a certificate for a free turkey or spend so much in one trip and get a free turkey. Either way, you can’t afford to skip on this promotion. If you have a large family to feed, take advantage of this promo at more than one store.

Start Shopping Early

Don’t wait until the week of Thanksgiving to start shopping. Not only may you miss out on special promotions, but you can save on a number of other ingredients you’ll need. A few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, you’ll start seeing everything from canned vegetables to cake mixes to chicken broth on sale. Best of all, when you start shopping early, you help spread out the cost.

Compare Prices

Another great way to save money is to check the sales at all the stores in your area. While one store may have a better price on fresh vegetables another may have a great price on cranberries. If you want to save the most money, you need to be willing to hit more than one store. Also, don’t forget stores like Walmart that often have awesome deals on holiday foods.

Keep It Homemade

If you don’t like to cook, it can be tempting to have the meal catered. This is such a waste of money. Not only are a number of these meals poor quality, but they’re overpriced. Save money and make your own meal. If you don’t want to cook a large meal, ask your guests to bring the side dishes and desserts. This will also help you save money.

Use Coupons

Last, but not least, start clipping those coupons in October so that you can save on canned vegetables, cranberry sauce, canned pumpkin, and all those other delicious ingredients you’ll need. A lot of grocery stores are now showing how you can match coupons to their sales, making it even easier to save money.

Use Those Leftovers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money at Thanksgiving. There are frugal tips you can use to save money and still have an amazing dinner.

Save Money Over the Holidays and Anytime

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