Cute Budget Worksheets for Kids (6 Free Budget Printables!)

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Trying to teach your child all about budgets?

Using some cute budget worksheets for kids can be a great way to help children learn about money in a hands-on way. Not only are they simple and easy to use but these printable worksheets can help teach your child the importance of setting a budget.

Even as an adult, it’s often hard to figure out a budget that works. Teaching kids the importance of setting and sticking to a budget at an early age can set them up for financial success later, especially if they understand the difference between needs vs. wants.

Because let’s face it. No matter what happens in life, we’re always tempted to buy something. We might as well equip our kids to be prepared to know what they can, and can’t afford to save them a bigger headache later on in life.

These printable budget worksheets for kids are a great way to teach them about the true value of money.

Cute Budget Worksheets for Kids

Using a budgeting worksheet for kids can be a smart way to help kids learn about money. Finance can be a difficult concept to understand, even for adults. Making budgeting hands-on and visual is a good way to break it down for kids.

The great part about these budget worksheets is that they’re really simple to do. After all, the last thing you want to do when teaching your child about money is to confuse them.

There are six budgeting printables in all and kids can use them to learn about:

  • Needs vs. wants, and how to tell the difference
  • Different ways to earn money
  • Planning different savings goals
  • Keeping track of savings progress

Overall, they’re a great introduction to financial planning!

How Do You Teach Kids About Budgeting?

cute budget worksheets for kids

Budgeting is an important skill for kids to learn. Research has shown that hands-on learning about budgets can help kids develop good financial habits and have healthier relationships as adults.

The simplest way to teach kids about budgeting is to walk them through how to make a budget.

The basics of budgeting for kids include:

  • Learning the difference between income and expenses
  • Figuring out how much income you have to budget
  • Adding up your expenses and subtracting them from your income
  • Setting goals for saving and spending
  • Tracking progress toward those financial goals

A visual aid can be a huge help, especially if you have younger children. That’s where these cute budget worksheets for kids come in.

These worksheets will help them figure out:

  • Different ways to earn money as a kid (i.e., making an allowance for doing chores, getting rewarded with cash for good grades, starting a side hustle, etc.)
  • What they want to buy with their money and how to prioritize spending
  • How to be certain that they have enough money to be able to buy what they want

These cute budgeting worksheets have an easy-to-use format that helps kids know exactly what they’re saving their money up for and whether or not they have enough money to purchase it, too.

cute budget worksheets for kids

How to Use These Budget Worksheets for Kids

Explaining a budget to a child isn’t hard, but you will have to break it down a bit so that they understand. Talk to them about setting a budget goal and then go through all the various ways that they can earn it.

Set out examples of what things cost versus what they earn so that they know how long it’s going to take them to earn that money to use. This can also help them realize that it takes a long time to earn money but it’s spent really fast!

cute budget worksheets for kids

Once you print out these budgeting worksheets, sit down with your child, and go through them together. If they’re really serious about setting a budget and making a financial plan, these worksheets are the perfect stepping stones to making that happen.

And who knows…these can also be a great reminder to you as well when it comes to staying on budget. Setting a goal as a family to be more budget-conscious sounds like a great family activity to tackle together!

Are you looking for more activity sheets to test your child’s knowledge about money? These finance workbooks for kids are a great choice for raising money savvy kids!

cute budget worksheets for kids
Cute Budget Worksheets for Kids

Final thoughts on cute budget worksheets for kids

Teaching your child the value of money is easy if you’re doing it in a way that helps them connect budgeting to their lives. For example, if your child wants to buy a new toy then you can help them figure out how to earn enough money to reach their goal. Using some fun budgeting worksheets can help kids ease into the process of budgeting and learn the value of money in a meaningful way.

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Are you ready to print off these cute budget worksheets for kids? Get the worksheets below!

cute budget worksheets for kids

Cute Budget Worksheets for Kids!

Ready to help your kids learn the importance of budgeting? These printable budget worksheets are a great tool for teaching them about money!

How will you use these cute budget worksheets for kids?

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