How to Make Money Without a Job for Teens

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Wondering how to make money without a job for teens? It can be hard for teens to get a job due to their schedules, many times their schedule will not allow them to get an 9-5 job.

Also with uncertain times, and health complications, working from home may be the best idea for your teen.

As much as we wish we could just sit around and wait for the money to come in, things like that only really happen if you win the lottery or come into something lucky. With that being said, some work will have to be done to earn money, it just won’t be a typical set hour schedule.

How to Make Money Without a Job for Teens

One of the benefits to not having a job and making money is that teens can do a variety of different jobs. Instead of doing the same thing every day, they can change it up a bit and do more things that they have interest in.

In order to make money without a job, teens will have to think out of the box a little bit and maybe even go out of their comfort zone. Let’s go over a few creative ways that your teen can make money without having a job.

Take Online Surveys

You have probably heard or seen these online survey opportunities a million times online and brushed it off thinking that it is too good to be true.

As shady and too good to be true as it sounds, taking surveys for extra cash can be legit. Many companies may not pay a whole lot it so it can take some time to make a lot of extra money.

One company that has become popular is Qmee, which is a free app that gives you cash rewards for taking surveys, searching, and shopping online.

You can do an online search for different online survey opportunities but before your teen gets started, be sure to research the companies to verify that they are legit and if there are any age limits.

Offer Random Online Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is probably one of the largest, most well-known, sites where you can make money doing small jobs online or freelancing. Fiverr calls them gigs and you can offer a variety of different services.

Every job starts at $5 but you can charge more if you want. Just a few of the examples of some of the gigs you can do are music related, writing, and designing. Those are just a few of the basic categories though, there are plenty of other fun and interesting gigs that can be offered.

Grocery or Food Delivery

You have probably heard of companies like DoorDash and InstaCart. These companies allow you to sign up to become a partner that delivers food or groceries to those who order online or through the app.

With each company you get a certain rate per trip and you will also have the chance to earn tips from the customers. These are things that can be done in your spare time and earn some extra money when you want. Depending on your teens age, he or she may be able to participate in these jobs.

Become A Virtual Assistant

If your teen has some knowledge or interest in helping others or companies manage their calendar, reply to emails, or similar tasks, becoming a virtual assistant may be right for them.

Your teen can easily start online and there are several freelance sites that will allow them to get started for free.

Make and Sell Products

If your teen is crafty or enjoys making various homemade things, this is an opportunity to share their talents and interests to make and sell products. For example, if your teen knows how to sew, they can create their own clothing to sell. Creating crafts or making homemade jewelry pieces are another good example.

Recommended Books for Young Entrepreneurs

These books are perfect for kids who want to start a business early. They’ll be motivated and packed with knowledge about the world of entrepreneurship.

Amazon Publishing

If your older teen likes to write, Amazon has a program called Amazon KDP where you can submit your own books to be listed for sale on Amazon. There is no cost to get started and you can choose the price your book will sell for.

This is a great idea for those who enjoy writing or creating a variety of different books. Low content books like journals, planners, or similar types of low content books can be made and sold.

Start an Etsy Store

Older teens can also start an Etsy store to make extra money. If they enjoy creating homemade or digital items, listing them on Etsy can bring them in a little extra cash.

Sell Your Own Photos

If your teen enjoys photography and is good at taking pictures, there are many online sites that allow you to submit your photographs. Teens can take and sell landscape photos, nature photos, pictures of pets, and more.

Dog Walking and Sitting

Another task that is on just about any list is dog walking and sitting. Like babysitting, except with pets, some people hire pet sitters to check in on their pets or walk them while they are gone.

These are just a few examples of different ways that your teen can make money without having a regular job. Get creative and think of some out of the box ideas, no matter what their interest is, your teen can probably make some money while doing it!

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