Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

Are you looking for a few ideas about jobs for 10 year olds to make money? This list will help you think of some great options!

Who doesn’t want their kid to learn about making money? When you have a 10 year old, this is a great time for your child to learn about money and even earn some cash. The best way to teach your 10 year old about money is to help them make it! Once kids have cash in their hand, you can show them how to spend, save, and give.

I love it when kids are able to have jobs and do chores at a young age. This means that they’ll learn responsibility and learn the value of a dollar, too. This also teaches them about good work ethic and how good the reward of hard work feels.

Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

Having your 10 year old make their own money will foster a culture of hard work and showing them how to manage their money is a life long skill. The ability to save money is a huge skill and is an important one to learn as well! Below are some ideas for your child to start earning money at a young age!


This one probably isn’t a huge surprise to you. In fact, many of you babysat when you were 9 or 10 years old. Babysitting is the perfect way for your ten-year-old to make some dough. The kind you earn, not the kind you eat. Boys and girls can babysit, so don’t let that cliche fool you! Stick to letting your 10-year-old help out with friends and family. As they get older, they can expand their babysitting horizons.


Your kids are NEVER too young to start making money from landscaping. Ten years old is also the perfect age to start learning how to mow. Your ten year old could always start their landscaping endeavors by weeding. There are endless landscaping jobs for kids to do from gardening to weed wacking to trimming. Raking leaves and picking up sticks are landscaping jobs that are also ideal for a ten year old.

Snow Removal

If you’re north like us here in Canada, then winter time is the perfect time to start working at snow removal. There will be tons of work for your child to complete. Ask around, perhaps an elderly neighbor and single parent who doesn’t have time to do their own snow removal may need some help and it will give your child the perfect chance to find work and get a workout in at well.

Pet Sitting

If you have a responsible 10 year old, then pet sitting may be right up their alley on the list of things they can do to make money. Try doing one pet at a time to see how your son or daughter does. If they’re pet lovers, then they’re going to love the idea of doing what they love and getting paid for it.

Pick up Dog Poop

Your ten year old may not love this one too much, but it’s worth a shot. If he/she really wants to make some money, then picking up dog poop for the neighbor is always a great idea. No one likes picking up their dog’s mess. Cleaning out kitty litter boxes is also an option if there is no dog poop to be found to scoop up.

There you have it, several ways the 10 year old in your life can make money. When your child is old enough, it’s time to let them spread their wings and find a way to make cash to save up for what they really want. Parents behold, the days of you footing the bill for every single thing your child wants is almost over.

Sit down and talk to them about ways that they’d like to earn money as well. This can be a good insight into what they’re interested in and what they’re hoping to get better at, too. It can also be a great way for them to dive in and learn more about what their skillsets are and what they’d like to learn more about.

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  1. Give them three jars – when they get their weekly pocket money or allowance, help them divide their money into three categories: needs (for example, lunch at school); wants (such as driving lessons); and a rainy day fund. (See ‘Consequences’ below for more about unexpected costs).

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