Gardening Tips to Save Money

A garden can be a great way to save money. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you could end up wasting money. The good news is you can save money. Whether it’s the plants you choose or the amount of produce you get from your garden, you can use your garden to save big on fruits and vegetables.

You’ll love these gardening tips to save money and a big plus is that you get to grow your own healthy food and have fun doing it with the kids too.

Gardening Tips to Save Money

Choose High Yield Produce

First things first. You want to choose produce that has the highest yield. For example, zucchini, tomatoes, and watermelon are all high-yield produce that will give you much more than you can eat. This means you’ll have extra to can or freeze for use in the winter. If you only have a small area to garden in, it only makes sense to choose these types of produce.

Start with Seeds

Once you determine the produce you want to grow, get good quality seeds to start your garden. Seeds are much less expensive than plants. You can also find a much bigger variety of seeds than plants. It’s also much easier to order seeds online. Another great tip when it comes to seeds is to save seeds for next from your own produce so that you don’t have to buy more seeds.

Feed the Plants

Your plants need food in order to thrive. Choose a good quality plant food or a natural fertilizer. If you’re planting in a garden box or patio pots, you can use a dirt that also has plant food in it. Some brands even have food that will feed your plants for three months.

Protect the Plants

The last thing you want is for the plants you’ve worked so hard to grow to get destroyed. Unfortunately, small mammals, birds, and even cats are more than happy to tear your garden apart for food or entertainment. You can purchase fake snakes and owls that will help deter pests. You can also put a fence around your garden. Another tip is to spray your plants with a mixture of chopped jalapenos and water.

Water in the Mornings

Last, but not least, you want to water your plants in the morning for two reasons. First of all, if you water your plants late in the day, you risk your plants literally cooking from the hot sun. Another reason is the water will never reach the roots if you water while the sun is directly over the plants. When you water in the morning, the temperature is cooler and the water can fully saturate the dirt.

Produce can be expensive. That’s why it only makes sense to have a garden. Not only can you save money in the summer, but you’ll also have frozen or canned fruits and vegetables for winter. However, you’ll only save money if you use these tips to help your garden be more successful.

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